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Welcome to the Library!

Contact Information

Feel free to email the librarian Kimberly Femling if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I read all of my books!

No school building, no problem. The learning links page has e-book resources and connections to other fun learning sites on the internet. The library catalog also has e-books.

When are my books due?

Books are generally due 1 week from checkout. However, if a student needs more time, books can be kept for up to a month.

How many books do I get every week?


What do I do if I lost my book?

If you lost your book, please ask for a printout of your checked out books so you can search with your adults.

What do I do if I damaged my book?

Please return the book (in a plastic bag if needed).

Library Catalog

Library Catalog

APS Databases

For access to more APS databases, visit and enter your APS school id and password.